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i'm savannah and i don't look like
miranda cosgrove

dare i care by julian casablancas and the voidz from their latest album tyranny > the beatles

1D as french fries


Harry: curly fries

Louis: those extra crispy little fry nubs

Liam: a soggy, unseasoned fry

Zayn: Red Robin’s bottomless steak fries

Niall: a tater tot

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Hayley Williams is one of those white people that get mad when someone wears a band t and doesn’t listen to the band. This isn’t a joke or a meme she legitimately tried to call someone out for that

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Steal his look: Michael Cera

sun glasses 60$
baby blue shirt 87$
san pedro cactus 700$


Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat. (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1)

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*in bed with harry*

me: oh yeah daddy

harry: WHERE

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consider this: julian casablancas is cute and brilliant

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Steal his look: vintage Ezra Koenig

Ralph Lauren casual men’s green t shirt: $370.76

Gucci white bread: $93.27

Prada extra large 100% beef hot dogs: $153.45

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