i love my dead gay son

i'm savannah and i don't look like
miranda cosgrove


one day im gonna meet up with someone from one direction in the street and demand my money back. every single dime. that $4 i spent on pins back in 2012? cough it up. everything

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So basically, I’ve been seeing Fabrizio often after my classes because he lives nearby and such. So when I saw him two days ago, I knew it was him because I heard his voice.  When I got my friend to come with me to take a picture of me with him, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat come running over to meet Fabrizio. So my nervous, shaky friend took the picture (hence the blurriness).
And so, happy christmas to everyone.
Fabrizio is a wonderful, fabulous person and I swear I’d never purposely stalk him or be a creepy uncool fan.
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can someone send me the link to kill your darlings because i watched the first 50 minutes of it and then it stopped

paint me colors by girlpool. Nice


@RickJumper and I interviewing MGMT for Fest Jumpers TV Show at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary 2008


first single from our EP :-) :-) :-) like us on FB and come check us out tonight at the trunk space :-) :-) :-)

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do you ever find a nickel from like 1966 and think “i wonder if bob dylan bought drugs with this”

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i just ate a whole bag of carrots